South American Roots was a show curated by Selvaggio Dordetti at the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco, California. The show was exhibited during September of 2018.

Selvaggio Dordetti, Daniela Parrado & Vivian Vivas

South American Roots brings forth the works of three artists who have made the move to the United States from South America, Brazil and Colombia, under different circumstances.

The works of these artists explore their origins in relationship with who they are today while living in an environment that is culturally very different from where they used to call home.

Through art, they aim to express themselves and create dialogues on the representations of South America and how living in a different country has changed their perceptions and perspectives on the places where they come from.

Drawing inspiration from childhood, identity, political issues and even food, being South American has a different meaning to each participating artist.

Guiomar, 20”x36” by Selvaggio Dordetti

Mother’s Touch, 18”x32” by Selvaggio Dordetti

Rua Granada 258 is a mixed media installation that recreates the artist’s grandmother’s living room in a new and unfamiliar space. Within it, Selvaggio Dordetti explores the meaning of their relationship alongside the significance of the space she dwells in. Separated from each other as the artist currently lives abroad, the installation is a way to deal with the distance that exists between them today.

Sankofa & O Tempo Passou, Tudo e Nada Mudou is a collaborative film project between Selvaggio Dordetti and Vivian Vivas. The idea for the project came from Vivas; interested in having two different films that were inspired by the same song, she proposed it to Dordetti. Once the song was chosen, both artists created their films without seeing each others’ work until completion.

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