Patria Vermelha Still 1.jpg

 Pátria Vermelha (9mins 22secs) is a 16mm film and digital hybrid.

Processing the feelings of confusion, agony and outrage generated by the Brazilian elections in 2018, Pátria Vermelha started as was a way to deal with my body image issues by being on both sides of the camera before it became political. As I watched from afar a wave of violence spread as hate was propagated by the front running candidate, the discomfort was too great not to be addressed. Drawing a parallel between 1964 and the present, given the historical context of the military dictatorship and the fight against communism is imperative so that the viewer can understand the dangerous cycle the Brazilian population has entered, as fascism and the hate for the left grows rapidly. While I can’t offer solutions to reverse that cycle, I state my reasons to fight and hope that the viewer will join me. Through Pátria Vermelha I hope to instigate them to join the fight against the new wave of fascism that has been spreading all over the globe.

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