Selvaggio Dordetti

Based in San Francisco, Brazilian Artist Selvaggio Dordetti moved to the United States in 2016 to further his career. Working in film, photography and installations his work challenges the values and norms that have been perpetuated by the multi-faceted Brazilian society that still looks at itself through a colonialist lens. Dordetti uses himself and the manufactured landscape to depict what being Brazilian means to him and what he hopes it can be. His installations mimic his dwelling spaces as Selvaggio Dordetti brings the personal to the public while creating an immersive environment for his artwork. 

Selvaggio Dordetti holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2017, he was selected to be a part of a series of online lectures with Annie Leibovitz. Dordetti has exhibited and curated shows around the Bay Area and California including The Diego Rivera Gallery and The Santa Paula Art Museum.